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  • A Guide To Winning Souls

    Join Bishop Ernest Johnson and Former Laker, AC GREEN as they share Biblical insights on spirit lead soul winning techniques. Help fulfill the great commission of Christ by becoming a fisher of men and help build the Kingdom of God today.

  • Auto Recovery

    A powerful full length feature about a repo guy named Slim who is the best at repoing hard to get high end vehicles. He finally meets his match when he gets an assignment to repo a pastors car, only to meet his wonderful daughter who helps change his live forever. www.jitatv.org

  • Dress Code

    Dress Code is a mini-feature film about the life and death of teen-ager, Ernest Crayton. Ernest, who was a camera man for Jesus Is The Answer Church, was gunned down at the age of 19 because of his fight to maintain his street look while serving in the work of the church. This movie will inspire its viewers to understand that people cannot see the God inside unless we show Jesus on the outside by coming out of the world with our whole mind body and soul. Straddling the fence can oftentimes cause us our very lives. Stars Arlando Bryant, James Cleaver and Bishop Ernest Johnson.

  • Flossin - The Movie

    Flossin is a full length feature film about a boy named Ernie who fights to be accepted in the hood after his family relocates from Beverly Hills after the death of his father. Directed by Todd and James Bridges and written by Bishop Ernest Johnson. This film will inspire its viewers to love who Jesus made them to be.

  • Foster Babies

    A powerful story of how a young man overcame the hurdles of being raised in the foster care system to become on of America's greatest pastors and world-wide tele-evangelists. Stars Earl Woods, III, Todd Bridges, Dori Bridges and an all star cast. www.jitafilms.com

  • Heaven, Hell and The Lake Of Fire

    Get this powerful account of Bishop Ernest Johnson's out of the body experience as God took him into the depths of Hell for 2 hours and then one year later Bishop Was caught up into heaven in the presence of Jesus Himself. It was there that He received gifts and instructions for his life and ministry. Available on DVD.


    A powerful book featuring the secrets of the Joseph Principal that cause Egypt to prosper in the time of famine. After the tithes, you will learn the pitfalls of money miss management of the 90% that God trusts you with. You will learn principals of how to multiply your 90% into great wealth.

  • JITA FILMS Poster

    Get your own poster to place on your church bulliten board, Office or home to help us promote these great Christian films. www.jitafilms.com

  • JITA TV Tee (Back)

    The back of all the shirts have our online log on information to help others hear about JITA TV and gain the opportunity to hear instructional and spirit inspired messages Biblically based truth for living a victorious life. By Bishop Ernest Johnson. www.jitatv.org

  • JITA TV Tee Shirts

    Help us support the vision of the JITA TV Television Network by buying and wearing at JITA TV Tee Shirt or hat today.